Warmer Cooler Drier

Window Film Insulation

Reduce Energy Cost - Increase Comfort

Comfortable room temperatures plus energy savings – save money and feel comfortable indoors year-round. And you can increase the performance of your existing windows with window insulation film for significantly less than the cost of replacements for your home.

Window Film Insulation

If you have an older home, with single glazing, ceiling and underfloor insulation but you still seem to be losing the heat, it could be escaping through your windows. We can assess your home’s total thermal envelope with our combined experience in the window film insulation, home insulation, plus moisture ingress and air conditioning industry knowledge.

Windows with Film Insulation

An alternative to double glazing and UV protection that costs much less

Winter Warmer with Ecolux | Warmer Cooler Drier

WINTER, warmer with Ecolux:

Interior heat is reflected back indoors, reducing heating energy needed to maintain a comfortable environment - Improves your glass insulating ability by up to 80%

Short Video: Ecolux 70 Winter Performance

Summer Cooler with Ecolux | Warmer Cooler Drier

SUMMER, cooler with Ecolux:

Rooms that normally become uncomfortably hot now require less cooling energy to maintain comfort - Let’s in 68% of natural light while keeping out 50% of the sun’s heat.

Short Video: Ecolux 70 Summer Performance

Protection Safer with Ecolux | Warmer Cooler Drier

PROTECTION, safer with Ecolux:

Rejects 99% of UV radiation to reduce the risk of skin cancer and fading on furniture and flooring.

Solar Gard Ecolux | Warmer Cooler Drier

The ultimate in energy-efficient insulation window film is the next generation in dual-climate window film. Ecolux technology is sophisticated, state of the art Low Emissivity (often referred to as Low-E) film offers year round energy savings and comfort through its combination of superior solar control properties and unique coating.
Not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Applied internally to glass, together these advanced technologies, along with the window insulation film, keep the sun and ambient heat out in summer, while the special Low-E coating for winter works to reflect the radiant heat back into the room over winter.

You will reap the benefits of insulation comparable to double-glazed windows, minus the mess, inconvenience and enormous price tag.

For over 40 years of innovation in window films, backed by over 350 years of made in the USA Saint-Gobain’s success in the glass and building materials industries, Solar Gard has been one of the most trusted and popular window film lines in the world and installed on thousands of buildings in more than 90 countries worldwide. Ecolux 70 insulation window film also has a limited lifetime warranty.

Window Film Insulation installation by experts

No renovation work required plus installed all in one day on wooden and aluminium windows, with no construction noise. Our expert team of installers are fully trained by Solar Gard to install any size property from small homes to large villas using the right gear, products and knowledge. We will complete your project within the timeframes agreed.

Retrofit Double Glazing

There may be equipment costs to be added on and it’s messy, stressful and disruptive to homeowners. Adding a second pane to many windows can have unforeseen problems. Damage, leaks, warping and bending. This usually becomes an issue 2 to 3 years after install. You need to do the whole house or you will notice the difference in window frames, this doesn’t happen with window insulation film as all the frames stay the same, allowing you the option to do selected rooms keeping all the window frames uniform.

Ecolux snapshot

The premium insulation window film that adapts to the weather for comfort and energy savings all year round. Very affordable compared to double glazing, and quick to install by expert technicians.

Solar Heat Rejection
Room Heat Retention
See-through Visibility
Glare Reduction
Fade Reduction
Skin Cancer Protection
Low 'Mirror' Appearance

Window Film insulation can’t do the job all by itself!
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