Warmer Cooler Drier

Ground Moisture Barrier

Ground Moisture barriers are an effective and low-cost option for addressing what can be the largest source of moisture entering the home from outside, making homes drier, warmer and easier to heat, whilst protecting the integrity of your under floor insulation. This will reduce or eliminate moisture / rising damp from evaporating into your home, for maximum, lasting protection from cold and dampness.

Even on Dry Ground

Dry ground will produce 25kg of water in just one day. For over a million New Zealand homes with a suspended floor, that’s dampness going right into the home. Apart from heat loss this moisture can lead to rot, mold, mildew and poor health and is also helpful in preventing crying windows.

Healthy Homes Standard

The Healthy Homes Standard now requires all rental properties to have a ground moisture barrier where possible or an exemption. Find out more

Moisture barrier
An example of a Moisture Barrier

What and How

A ground moisture barrier is a vapour barrier also called a ground sheet that is a 250-micron polyethylene sheet that is .025mm thick and installed on the ground under the house. The ground moisture barrier completely covers the soil and is butted up to surrounding foundations walls and piles, then weighted or pinned down to avoid movement.

Additional Check

We make sure there is no surface water flowing under the house as rain should drain away from the home. Check for any leaks from water pipes etc. We can give advice on how to remedy any issues prior to installation, including advice if you want to store items back on top of the ground moisture barrier.

Ground Moisture Barrier installation experts

Our expert team of installers are fully trained to install any size property from small homes to large villas all to the Healthy Homes Standard using the right gear, products and knowledge. We will complete your project within the timeframes agreed.

A Ground Moisture Barrier can’t do the job all by itself!
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