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Blown-in Wall Insulation

Blown-In Wall Insulation without Renovation​

For lined walls insulation can be blown in through small holes drilled into your interior or exterior wall cavity. For decades, new homes have been built with wall insulation. But there are about 700,000 older New Zealand homes with nothing in their walls but fresh air!

Insulmax® is New Zealand’s largest and leading retrofit wall insulation specialist. Whatever type of home you own, we can insulate the walls through all kinds of common cladding, weatherboard – brick/block – roughcast – fiber cement board or interior lining without costly, messy and time-consuming renovations. Tight or inaccessible ceilings are also easy to insulate with Insulmax®. Together, let’s transform your home into a more energy-efficient warmer, cooler, drier, quieter and more comfortable place to live – all year round!

Blown-in Insulation House | Warmer Cooler Drier

Smallest Installation Hole​

Insulmax® are the “keyhole surgeons of the insulation world’’, using an installation hole smaller than a 10 cent coin (16mm). The smallest hole size minimises the impact on your home and leaves finished installation points difficult to spot with lasting durability.

Ultimate Install Flexibility​

Insulmax® is certified to be installed through ALL common exterior claddings and internal linings with or without building paper giving you the choice of how we install your home, whatever its age or cladding.

Guaranteed and Certified​

The Insulmax® Retrofit Wall Insulation Method was the first NZ retrofit wall insulation system to achieve CodeMark certification which demonstrates compliance with the New Zealand Building Code and is approved by every Council in N.Z. Each wall insulation install is accompanied by a 50-year written guarantee.
Trusted in Europe and UK. Manufactured in Europe to ISO9001 standards and trusted for over 20 years in the walls of over 1 million UK homes.

Blown-In Installation Experts​

Wall Cavities are accessed and filled with mineral fiber insulation, generally within a day. Leave a cold home in the morning and get back to an insulated one after work!
The installation of Insulmax® is carried out by trained, licensed and audited Insulmax® installers to the standards of Insulmax® NZ Ltd. We absolutely pride ourselves on the professional knowledge of our staff and the quality of our installs.

The process involves :

  1. All wall cavities are located by various techniques including the use of high resolution thermal imaging equipment.

  2. A 16mm (smaller than a 10 cent coin) hole is used to access each cavity.

  3. Install machinery is proprietary to Insulmax® and is calibrated on each install to achieve the optimum density. A sample box is filled and weighed to ensure complete cavity fill and correct density. At correct density Insulmax® will not settle or slump.

  4. All wall cavities are filled with Insulmax® mineral fiber insulation. Insulmax® is installed dry with no binders, glues, formaldehyde or volatile compounds so it’s safe to stay home during the install.

  5. High resolution thermal imaging equipment is used during the install to ensure that all wall cavities have been filled with Insulmax® insulation.

Finishing your Install

Thermal imaging equipment is used to ensure all areas are installed before install holes are filled and finished.
Our aim is to leave your home with negligible sign that it’s been insulated and we pride ourselves in finishing your home as if it were ours!

The process involves:

  1. Each install hole is filled with a two part filler.  The small 16mm installation hole makes filling straightforward and the finished hole difficult to spot.

  2. Filler is sanded flush.

  3. Smooth filler is painted with a primer and top coat** paint system to provide a watertight and durable finish.

  4. Seven to fourteen days after completion you will receive a written “Insulmax® Certificate of Completion” guaranteeing your install for 50 years* which we recommend you keep with your council consent paperwork.

Insulmax® insulation contributes an R value of 2.8 to the walls of a typical weatherboard home – you’ll want to adjust your heating settings accordingly!


* Each install is accompanied by a 50 year guarantee except external paint systems which are guaranteed for 7 years.

** Top coat can be provided by the customer or by your installers, by prior agreement with your Insulmax® representative.

Blow In Ceiling Insulation without Renovation​

Accessible Ceilings:​

Insulmax® ceiling insulation can be installed in any suitable ceiling and is the ideal solution for low pitch roof structures. Insulmax® ceiling insulation is a water-resistant, high quality, soft white mineral wool manufactured to insulate roof spaces.
The blown blanket insulation system of Insulmax® insulates the entire ceiling and fills all corners and crevices with no voids or gaps. Installed at almost any thickness, we can suit your individual requirements of insulation R rating and budget.

Blown-in Ceiling Insulation | Warmer Cooler Drier

Inaccessible Ceilings:​

In skillion roofs, the roof cladding and ceiling run parallel, typically within 300mm of each other. The roof space is generally inaccessible and impossible to insulate with conventional segment insulation without renovation.
While some homeowners undertake the daunting task of removing internal ceilings or roofing to install segment insulation, this is a very expensive, inconvenient and obtrusive option.

Blown-in Inaccessible Ceilings | Warmer Cooler Drier

Blow-In Insulation can’t do the job all by itself!
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