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Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning

Your Heat Pump, Air Conditioning, Ducted Cooling and Heating Solutions Auckland wide.

Whether you are looking for a heating and or cooling solution for your existing home, newbuild or rental, be assured we will provide a solution that will last for years to come.

Heat Pump /Air Conditioner

When you invest in heat pumps & air conditioning you want to know you will end up with a system that meets your requirements. We are trained professionals that are ready to help you and recommend the best heat pump option for your home.

From a high-wall heat pump to a floor console, and multi room systems, we can provide you with the very best advice and heat pump quote anywhere Auckland wide.

Heat pumps will heat, cool, and dehumidify specific rooms or areas in your home. Ducted or central heating systems will heat, cool, and dehumidify multiple rooms or even your entire home.

Sometimes heat pumps can heat more than a specific area but this is largely dependent on the layout of your home and positioning of your heat pump / air conditioning system. The running cost of heat pumps is very low compared to other heating appliances.

Heat Pump & Air Conditioner | Warmer Cooler Drier
Ducted Heating & Cooling shown working throughout the house

Ducted Heating & Cooling​

More popular and affordable than ever, a central or ducted heat pump – air conditioning system in your home is a grate over all solution! Heating and cooling have never been easier or more comfortable. We will ensure you can warm or cool your home with a touch of a button to provide comfort for your family, all year round. Central/ducted systems can be installed during the construction of your home, or retro fitted, provided there is sufficient space in the roof or underfloor. Running costs of your ducted heating/cooling system are amongst the lowest compared to other heating options.

Heat Pump Installation

It is true that your heat pump, air conditioning or ducted system is only as good as the installation. Our heat pump installers take great care when installing your new heat pump or ducted system into your home to ensure you will be a 100% happy with your heat pump installation. Our engineers are qualified heat pump installation professionals and use only the very best air conditioning materials and tools to ensure your investment lasts. All our heat pump installers are proudly accredited and licensed, providing you with peace of mind on your heat pump investment.

Heat Pump Installation | Warmer Cooler Drier

       Heat Pump – Air Conditioning can’t do the job all by itself!
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Heat Pump Internal Filter Clean

Heat Pump Internal Filter Clean | Warmer Cooler Drier

Did you know it is important to have the internal heat pump filter fully cleaned and cleared of dust and bugs every year? A dirty heat pump is more expensive to run as it uses more electricity and can also reduce the lifespan of the unit. It is also now a requirement that heat pumps are clean in accordance with Healthy Homes requirements. A dirty heat pump filter can potentially harbour bacteria, mould, dust mites and pollen causing health risks to the family of the household. We offer an onsite removal and a thorough clean of the internal heat pump filter, issue a dated statement of clean and automatically advise when the next annual heat pump cleaning is due.

For $129 incl.* Auckland wide

* Residential service only, does not include ducted systems